Laura Itkonen is a multidisciplinary designer based in Helsinki, Finland. She works as a designer, an artist and a visual designer in diverse projects and manages both commercial and artistic premises. In her design the basis and handprint is to mix and break the boundaries between art and design. Her specialities are tiles with a contemporary twist. Laura appreciates craftsmanship and wants to maintain the feeling of the individuality. For her, it’s also important to develop her own handcrafting skills and produce locally her own production either by herself or with other craftsmen.

It’s not just combining art and design, but also combining the working methods and basic daily routines. Some day it might be time to some 3D modeling, graphic design or designing a window display, the other day it’s handful of clay, plaster and jewelry work. In her ceramic works, Laura makes her clay and glazes by herself just be sure that they do not contain any ingredients which could be harmful for the environment or the consumer. Also, the raw materials used are from Finland as far as possible and everything that's possible will be recycled and re-used.


Whether you're a company, a shop owner, a restaurateur, a consumer etc. needing anything from visual design (for example designing newsletters, flyers and invitation cards to window displays, shop designing and branding) to custommade tiles, tableware, art pieces or to a unique jewelry, don't hesitate to contact. Also collaborations, resale opportunities, design projects or just to say hi are more than welcome!


RYIJY -tiles // hi-res pictures, download here

LEIJA -tiles // hi-res pictures, download here

SOLMU -jewelry // hi-res pictures, download here

CV // download here (in english)


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