Laura Itkonen is a designer (MA) based in Helsinki, Finland. She has graduated from Aalto University School of Arts and Design in 2010. After her graduation, Laura worked for several years for retail design projects making graphic design, store and exhibition design, shop window displays and furniture desing. In 2016, she founded her own studio where she works in a diverse range of design and art projects. Laura manages both commercial and artistic premises and loves to mix these with each other.

The main focus of her studio work is on visually detailed, tactile architectural ceramics designed to enrich both private and public spaces. Besides architectural ceramics, she also makes tableware in small scale production. Retail design projects she continues to do in various projects.

The ideas are formed and the final products are made in her studio in the heart of Helsinki -the prototypes, the initial experiments with forms and materials and the small series of finalised products. An inspirational point of view for Laura is to dissolve the boundaries between art and design. A lot of her creativity comes from collaborations and encounters with other artist and craftsmen. She is constantly developing herself by learning new skills and challenging her own design thinking. She often combines various techniques in her work to find the most intriguing result.


RYIJY -tiles // hi-res pictures, download here

LEIJA -tiles // hi-res pictures, download here

SOLMU -jewelry // hi-res pictures, download here


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