From the series "24", 2010
porcelain / 24k gold & sterling silver / porcelain

Unique wearable jewelry from the series "24".


Solmu -jewelry, 2012
sterling silver / silver-plated copper / gold-plated brass

Handmade necklaces. Each piece has a unique knot. Chain is classy, very thin ball chain. Nickel and lead free. Produced by Laura Itkonen in her own studio in Helsinki.


Alps -jewelry, 2016
copper/silver-plated copper, brass and porcelain

Handmade necklaces. Each piece has a unique porcelain pendant with different kind of colour combinations. Ball chain is made out of 100% pure copper or alternatively silver-plated copper. Produced by Laura Itkonen in her own studio in Helsinki.


Tanko -jewelry, 2016
silver-plated copper / brass

Handmade necklaces. Chain is classy, very thin ball chain which is nickel and lead free. Brass tube as a pendant. Produced by Laura Itkonen in her own studio in Helsinki.


Tetra -necklace, 2012
Coloured porcelain, silver plated brass

Handmade necklace. Casted porcelain tetrahedrons. Each pendant is a unique one. Several color combinations. Chain is classy, very thin ball chain made out of silvered brass.

Taking care of your jewelry and other useful information:

- Copper is a pure metal β€” it does not contain any other metals. Because of this, it’s a great choice for those with allergies to nickel. However, some people have a reaction to copper jewelry as well. Copper is antimicrobial & 100% recyclable.

- Copper oxidizes & develops a patina (changes color) quite nicely, but because of this, it can turn your skin green if worn for long periods of time, or when wet. To avoid this, consider copper jewelry as short-term wear only. Copper chain can be also easily cleaned by dipping it into a mixture of salt and spirit vinegar. If necessary, rub it gently. Rinse with mild soapy water and wipe dry with soft cotton cloth.

- Plated jewelry has a base metal made out of copper or brass with thin plating made out of sterling silver or 14K gold. Plated silver or gold will wear out over time. To avoid this, consider silver- and gold-plated jewelry as short-term wear. Ask your local goldsmith for replating. Do not attempt to clean the jewelry with abrasive materials as these will damage the plating. You can clean the jewelry very gently with a polishing cloth.

- To prolong the life of your jewelry piece, avoid putting any perfume, hairspray, harsh chemicals and acids on your jewel and keep them away from another metals. These may wear out the finish. Do not swim in chlorinated water with your jewelry on, water damages the metals. Avoid also showering and sweating with your jewelry on.

- Porcelain parts can be washed with mild soapy water. Dry carefully with a soft cotton cloth.