MARQUIS // 2017

Handmade unique ceramic mural.

The composition consist of five different shaped tiles that fit in many ways to each other like a puzzle. It's perfect to enrich both private and public spaces in indoors and outdoors. Each composition is modified according to the space and need; shapes can be used less, with different amounts and their decoration and coloring can be affected. Each composition thus becomes a unique piece of its own. They can be stacked and produced also to meet their functional need as tiles like e.g. in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. 

"Marquis" -work has got it's inspiration especially from the 70's (by strong color palette and forms from summerish balconies with awnings) and from Art Deco (use of lustre colors with the feeling of luxury and glamour and fine materials). The composition is an exploration to the world of visually strong outcome; reflecting metallic copper combined together with vivid dark blue glaze and playful, strong forms. It's an intriguing combination of something familiar, Mediterranean and art decorish still being fresh and modern.

Looking at this tile by artist Laura Itkonen, one can imagine a collision of Mary Blair and midcentury modern concepts, and thus this tile was born. Plus the metallic highlights played well with the feeling of casual luxe I felt throughout the shows.
– Jennifer Bertrand

You can purchase Marquis from my webshop.
CUSTOM-MADE ORDERS: Price for this work varies according to the basis of a whole, size of the order, coloring and possible decorations. Please contact me directly for indicative pricing list and for more information.