Taking care of your Solmu -jewelry and other useful information:   - Plated Solmu -jewelries has a base metal made out of copper or brass with thin plating made out of sterling silver or 14K gold.  - Plated jewelry will wear out over time. To avoid this, consider silver- and gold-plated jewelry as short-term wear. Ask your local goldsmith for replating. Do not attempt to clean the jewelry with abrasive materials as these will damage the plating. You can clean the jewelry very gently with a polishing cloth.  - To prolong the life of your jewelry piece, avoid putting any perfume, hairspray, harsh chemicals and acids on your jewel and keep them away from another metals. These may wear out the finish.  - Do not swim in chlorinated water with your jewelry on, water damages the metals. Avoid also showering and sweating with your jewelry on.
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