I'm a designer and maker (MA) based in Helsinki, Finland. I work in a diverse range of design and art projects as well as in various retail design projects. I've graduated as a designer from the Applied Arts MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, 2010.

The main focus of my own production is on visually detailed, tactile architectural ceramics designed to enrich both private and public spaces and on collectible, sculptural handmade design. “Art with a function” is my motto and the backbone of my design process. For me, the most interesting stuff happens inbetween art and design.

The ideas are formed and the final products are made in my studio in the heart of Helsinki -the prototypes, the initial experiments with forms and materials and the small series of finalised products. In my working, I combine traditional handmaking methods to modern technology. I am constantly developing myself by learning new skills and challenging my own design thinking. I often combine various techniques in my work to find the most intriguing result. A lot of my creativity comes from collaborations and encounters with other artist and craftsmen; I'm one of the founding members of LEM -art group as well as EIRA -collaboration.

"Laura Itkonen, the master of pattern" - Feature article on Lera -magazine (in Swedish).

Photo by Aino Huhtaniemi

Photo by Aino Huhtaniemi


I love our nature and ecological way of working is important for me. By manufacturing my products myself, I can best influence the manufacturing process. At my studio I make my clay bodies and glazes myself and I use as much materials from Finland as possible. Otherwise, the materials come mainly from Europe. In this way, I always know what the materials I use really contain. Besides my own clay bodies, I use also traditional Finnish red earthenware clay, it has really nice red color and beautiful, rough structure. And it’s local. It’s excavated straight from the ground of Somero village, 100km from Helsinki.

I always recycle my excess clay. A lot of water is needed when making ceramics and that’s why I utilize and recycle my water as much as possible. And you can actually go pretty far with it. My products are mainly made to order. This way there won't be huge amount of products produced or stocked without a need. Support your local.

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